Schochet Investments

Schochet Investments was formed in 1980 to create and administer wholesale and retail real estate syndications. It has since developed into the acquisitions and investor services arm of Schochet Companies. Working closely with our property management experts, our professionals review and analyze acquisition opportunities in major market areas, and develop and implement appropriate deal structures. Schochet Investments has developed extensive relationships with major regional and national investment houses, merchant builders, and brokers throughout the country, enabling us to review hundreds of potential acquisitions annually.

Schochet Development, through Schochet Investments has developed a reputation as a national leader in the structuring of affordable housing preservation transactions. We are a unique organization that brings together a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the markets and programs for affordable housing, with knowledge of the latest financial technologies, and of sophisticated modeling techniques.

Schochet Investments acts as investor services Schochet Property Management for several of our syndicated projects, serving as a liaison to more than 500 individual investors.