The Schochet Companies operates a comprehensive Sustainability Initiative with the goal of continuously reducing its environmental footprint by setting portfolio-wide sustainability targets in energy, water, and CO2 reduction. This includes the heavy involvement of staff with targets set in four-year phases encompassing:

  • Energy Use Intensity
  • Water Use Intensity
  • CO2 (metric tons)

After exceeding its 3% reduction goal for the phase ending in 2018 by reaching 5.2% energy savings and 8.7% water savings, Schochet set a goal of 5% savings in energy, water, and CO2 for 2019 - 2022.

Schochet has implemented more than 160 projects across the portfolio at a cost of over $12 million; 79% of which was covered by incentives and grants through careful planning of projects that optimized the region's generous programs. Measures include:

  • Installing smart thermostats across the portfolio, enabling facilities staff to control temperatures from their computers.
  • Streamlining standardization of chemical water treatments for boilers across properties, and hiring a single contractor to service them.
  • Hiring a single contractor to provide consistent green cleaning across properties.

As a result, Schochet estimates energy cost avoidance of approximately $1.67 million per year; water reductions at over 3.1 million gallons per year; and greenhouse gas reductions at approximately 16,990 tons per year, equivalent to 3,754 cars off the road, along with developing a healthy environmental plan (e.g. no-smoking policy and integrated pest management practices) and streamlined improvements in operations and maintenance practices.

See more about Schochet's sustainability initiatives with Rethinking Power Management LLC (RPM), a Boston based energy consulting firm, as well as the Better BuildingsĀ® Challenge, a program associated with the U.S. Department of Energy, by clicking below.

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