Building Value for Our Communities

Our property management team has deep expertise navigating regulations, policies, and agencies at the federal, state, and local level to create and maintain quality developments which deliver significant benefits to the community at large, successfully contributing to building neighborhoods of enduring civic pride and economic value. With a commitment to proactively enhancing both the greater New England community and the communities in which we operate, not only improving their physical fabric, but also through supporting local programming, community activities and safety initiatives, we strive to be – first and foremost -- a good neighbor.
This goal guides our approach to place-making; offering affordable, work force, and market-rate housing, and providing attractive and practical commercial and retail spaces. We maintain collaborative relationships with many public officials, housing advocates, policy makers and business professionals who work to address the need for access by all to quality housing and services and resources to live independently across New England and nationally.
Schochet manages its communities to ensure a positive impact on and minimal disruption to surrounding neighbors, with operating practices that are beneficial to the overall community. Over the course of its more than 50-year history, Schochet has undertaken numerous urban and suburban projects, in each case successfully forging consensus from often divergent community opinions to produce developments of enduring civic pride and economic value.
Accredited as a Green Property Management Company by HUD, Schochet has assumed a leadership role in sustainability and energy efficiency over more than a decade, completing more than 175 energy conservation and equipment replacement projects since 2011. By realizing an overall energy use reduction of nearly 16.4%; water use reduction of 17.4% and CO2 emissions reduction of 20.7%, Schochet-managed communities enhance the quality of life for the surrounding areas as well.
Schochet also has a long history of charitable and civic leadership stemming back to the philanthropy of its founder. The company's concern for those less fortunate is not only reflected in its business commitment to affordable housing and supporting seniors in remaining vibrant participants in their communities, but also in its involvement in, and recognition by, numerous educational and humanitarian organizations.
Schochet and its team members are active members in professional and industry organizations that craft and influence public policy, advocating for enhanced social programs and resources and providing financial support for such initiatives, as well as for scholarships to provide access to educational opportunities. Schochet and its staff have been acknowledged on numerous occasions by the professional community for their exemplary impact.

About Us

Schochet owns and/or manages over 5,500 apartments and 125,000 square feet of commercial space throughout New England. Headquartered in Braintree, MA, with regional offices in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine.


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