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Fresh Outlook at Fresh Pond

As seen in the Boston Globe.

(an excerpt)

The changes at Fresh Pond apartments came at a time when the entire 1960s approach to public and subsidized housing was being rethought. Across Boston and Cambridge, there are public housing developments — Orchard Gardens, for one — that have been rebuilt, as the notion of high-rise warehouses came under fire. Almost without exception, the improved physical conditions have altered the quality of life in other ways.

At any rate, the most important changes, in the view of both the tenants and the developer, are not the cosmetic ones. They simply laid the groundwork for transforming the place from a classic troubled project into a community.

"We do so many things here — computer classes, art classes, gym night," Kaur said. "We know the place is safe now. And I know my kids are safe."

View the entire story by clicking the linked pdf below.

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