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Profile of Schochet President and CEO anticipating his recognition as the Honoree at the Catholic Schools Foundation Building Minds Gala on April 11:

As shown in CSF Boston's 2024 Spring Newsletter


Why do you think people should consider getting involved with CSF?

CSF changes lives more directly than any organization that I know. The great equalizer in society is a good education. Without it, you fall behind. However, with a good education and hard work, you've got the fundamentals and the foundation to do anything. I have never seen or found a better way to directly transform the lives of kids and their families.

With the Catholic Schools Foundation, every dollar goes to help kids, and there's no greater gift and nothing more important than a good education.

What is your favorite thing about CSF’s Annual Gala?

I love everything about the Gala! I love meeting the kids when I go up the escalator and see the sparkle in their eyes when they tell me about their artwork or their science project, because they're so proud.

The student stories are always very moving and inspirational. The gala is an amazing night that changes the lives of so many scholars and their families.

You have generously put CSF in your will, why is it important to you and for other donors to do the same thing?

My most important philanthropic effort is the Catholic Schools Foundation. I have been donating consistently to the mission for over 20 years and feel blessed to have been able to increase my gifts over that period. A good chunk of your life will continue into perpetuity and that is what prompts me to make sure that CSF is in my estate plan. No matter what happens they can count on me, whether I'm dead or alive, to show up every year for the kids.

As a Jewish benefactor, what drew you to supporting Catholic education specifically?

As a Jewish donor what differentiates the Catholic schools beyond exemplary education is the fact that Judeo-Christian values are not only taught every day, but they're lived every day. In every classroom and school I've been to, there is a vibe that you feel. You just feel the love.

We create good citizens in our Catholic schools. We create people of faith. We create people who want to give back. You're being taught to love your neighbor as yourself. The whole notion of asking, ‘What would Jesus do?’ — it seems to me that whether you take him as Lord and Savior or not, if you follow his guidelines, you will do OK.

We had the privilege of interviewing Rick Henken during his visit to EBCCS. Rick spoke about his philanthropic journey with CSF, his favorite thing about the Building Minds Scholarship Fund Gala and some of his fondest memories during his time with the organization.

How did you become involved with CSF and its mission?

At least 20 years ago, a gentleman who worked for me introduced me to Daniel diBartolomeo, a member of CSF’s Advisory board. My company operates a 502-unit apartment complex in Cambridge, where we have 1,500 kids. The idea of getting these kids out of inner-city public schools and into a values-based Catholic education really resonated with me. After meeting with Dan and learning more about CSF’s mission, I committed to making a donation. I felt so welcomed and passionate about the good work we were able to do for the kids. Shortly after, I got involved in some of the committees.


Planned Giving plays a crucial role in CSF's mission by ensuring all kids receive a lifetime of opportunities and access to high-quality education for years to come and it allows our team to strategically plan for the future. 

We believe that a strong education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and leading a happy, successful life. Your planned gift leaves an indelible mark on the lives of these students, ensuring they have the tools they need to thrive.

One of the most common and simple ways to make a planned gift is through a bequest. A bequest is a gift you make from your will or trust and will leave a lasting legacy.

“You've been giving $10,000 a year forever, and you want to make sure that no kid is going to be turned away because your $10,000 isn't showing up this year because you have passed. If you leave $200,000 to the Catholic Schools Foundation in your estate plan, that is enough money to make sure that the foundation will have $10,000 a year to spend forever. By doing this, you are creating a real legacy.” - Rick Henken

To learn more about planned giving and how you can leave a lasting legacy that will transform the lives of low-income students in Greater Boston, visit

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