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Fresh Pond Resident Service Coordinator Opens Onsite Food Pantry

Scott Cole, Senior Services Coordinator for Federal Management helps the local community by providing a new temporary home for the Helping Hands Food Pantry while they undergo two years of renovations.

Scott Cole, Senior Resident Services Coordinator for Federal Management, for years has been trying to find ways to address hunger at Fresh Pond Apartments in Cambridge, MA. He knows of the area resources to make referrals and had tried to bring two different discounted food programs to Fresh Pond. But still seeing his residents struggle to provide their families food, he reached back out to the community and learned that the Helping Hands Food Pantry was going to close for two years due to renovations.

With the support of his Property Manager and coworkers, Scott was able to provide The Helping Hands Food Pantry a temporary home at Fresh Pond Apartments. The new location reopened in August 2010 and within the first month, 400 families were fed. They now have special weekly hours reserved just for Fresh Pond families. Scott would also like to recognize the whole Resident Services team at Federal Management, as he feels it is full of exceptional RSCs.

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