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New Lease for Homeless Families, Inc. receives 2017 Founders Award

On November 1st, Metro Housing Boston recognized New Lease for Homeless Families, Inc. with its 2017 Founders Award.  Richard Henken, President of The Schochet Companies, is a founding officer and Board Member and was honored to be among those to accept the award on behalf of New Lease.  

New Lease for Homeless Families, Inc. has a mission to reduce homelessness in Massachusetts by encouraging homeless preference in Affordable Housing Communities.  It is a collaboration between Affordable Housing Developers, Social Service Providers and government entities.  It is the first HUD-Approved homeless family preference in the nation.  To date, according to its website, 195 previously homeless families have been placed in new homes and 99% of them are retained in that housing.

"We are really proud to be able to contribute to New Lease, an innovative program that has made a real difference in the lives of so many previously homeless families,” said Richard Henken.

The award was accepted by Richard and the other founding members of the New Lease Board- Howard E. Cohen of Beacon Communities LLC and Lawrence H. Curtis of WinnDevelopment.  Thomas Plihcik, Executive Director of New Lease for Homeless Families, Inc., also accepted the award.  

Metro Housing Boston’s Press Release with full details of their 10th Annual Founders Celebration can be found here.  (here links to

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